Product Description

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For relief for suffers of

  1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome –is the 2nd most common Manual Handling task injury after back/spinal injuries.  This injury mostly effects the hands and wrists by causing pain, tingling, loss of movement, loss of grip strength and loss of sensation in the fingers and thumb, especially at night.

  2. Arthritis

  3. R.S.I.

  4. Sports Injury

    Heat In Microwave for 60 seconds, or required time – make sure glove is not too hot.

    When heating in microwave it is recommended to put ½ cup of water in with the bag, this keeps the wheat damp and warm for maximum benefit, do not overheat




    Filled with Australian grown wheat and lavender (optional)…..May be used hot in microwave or freezer for cold…..

The Benefits of  Wheat Bags

Suitable for use by people of all ages

Simply heat in a microwave or refrigerate for immediate use.

Help soothe away aches and pains on all parts of the body.