Product Description

Wheat cape is designed for the shoulders and upper back.

This cape weighs approx. 1kg and is suitable for small adults and children.

This capes gives instant relief to aches and pain.
Filled with Australian grown wheat and lavender.

Chilled wheat bag assists in the relief of migraine, bruising and sports injury.
The wheat bags are easily heated in a microwave as per instructions provided.

The Benefits of Wheat Bags

Suitable for use by people of all ages
Simply heat in a microwave or refrigerate for immediate use.
Help soothe away aches and pains on all parts of the body.

What a wheatbag will do when HEATED:
Release heat gradually and evenly…..Relieve arthritic aches and pain…..Relieve stiffness in joints
…..Increase poor circulation…..Relax and relieve aching muscles…..Warm your bed up…..Relieve menstrual pain and
cramping…..Reduce/relieve tension…..Relaxing tense muscles…..Provides comfort….. Suitable for children