Product Description

Hand and Arm Wheat Bag

with or without Lavender

Instant relief for suffers of

a. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

b. Arthritis

c. R.S.I.

d. Sports Injury

e. Lupus

f. Raynaud’s

Heat In Microwave for 30 seconds, or required time. Can be worn to bed for restful relief of pain.

When heating in microwave it is recommended to put ½ cup of water in with the bag, this keeps the wheat damp and warm for maximum benefit, do not overheat

The Benefits of Wheat Bags
Suitable for use by people of all ages

Simply heat in a microwave for immediate use.

Help soothe away aches and pains on all parts of the body.

Used heated for relief to the neck, shoulders, back elbows, ankles, feet, hands, menstrual pains and stomach cramps. Helps ease arthritic pains and the stresses and tensions of the day.

Use as a cold compress from the refrigerator or freezer for relief of sports injuries, bumps, swellings, insect bits and bruises etc. â?? also eases headaches and migraines.


It is recommended to follow the safety guidelines listed below.

Always read and follow the instructions supplied with your wheat bag.

Always test the temperature before applying to the affected area â?? remember your heat tolerance may be different from other people, especially young children and the elderly.

Do not exceed heating times.

Always place a glass or small container of water in the microwave with the wheat bag when heating.

Remember some people are allergic to Lavender and asthma sufferers should be aware that wheat bags contain wheat germ

If symptoms persist please see your doctor.

Store your wheat bag only when it is cold

Warning: Do Not Overheat and take care when using products with children and the elderly